Paule Ka - Spring/Summer 2014

I had never heard of Paule Ka until a few weeks ago whilst trawling through and upon seeing only one image, i knew i would love the whole collection. It fits into my style perfectly with its sexy but elegant looks and bold prints. The designer also likes to experiment with fabric manipulation, in particular experimenting with bows. These bows were made from the short sleeves of the shirts, focusing the eye to the arm. These bows appeared mostly on cropped shirts, shown on there own or styled with bodycon dresses to give them another layer of interest. There was also longer length and looser fit shirt dresses the the bows appeared and and also cropped jackets. Overall I don't think there is a single piece in the collection that i would not wear, a lot of the big critics might disagree but i think this is  a very wearable collection with bold prints and cute detailing that add interest to the pieces. My favourite look has to be the second one, the bralet with the cigarette pants, its such a simple look that has probably been done a thousand times but to me its sexy but classic at the same time, the proportions have been thought out here.


Thakoon Addition - Autumn/Winter 14/15

This season the Thakoon girl is slightly disheveled. Wearing oversized and masculine pieces tucked into simple skirts she nails the 'just threw this on' look. The addition of soft tailoring and shirting gives the collection a more polished look and mixed with crop jumpers to create layering adds to the unkept look of the style. Outerwear also brings a masculine touch with capes, duffle coats and plaid featuring. The overall styling is what got me hooked and will definitely something i will incorporate into my everyday look.

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